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Round robin?   
06:00pm 16/08/2003
mood: cheerful
Falcrien, what d'you say to starting a round robin?

If you like the idea, then I think first we shall begin by picking the ships and the genre...

I'm personally very fond of action and romance and angst... What about you?

And what ship(s) do you think we should do? Draco/Ginny? Draco/Harry? Harry/Hermione?

I haven't read enough Snape/Hermione to be able to write it very well...I've only read your fic... And same with Snape/Harry, I've only read If You Are Prepared. But I've read tons of the afore-mentioned ships, and I do fairly well with all of them, I think...Harry/Hermione in particular. I don't know... What ideas do you have?

And we should start planning a plot... But we'll have to decide that over email, so that know one can know the plot before we write it. :P

Signing off,

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09:39am 07/08/2003
  Concerning Falcoryth, some changes have been made. Falcoryth is now a combination of Harry Potter and His Dark Materials.

Falcoryth shall be a House of Hogwarts, but students of the house of Falcoryth reside in the University of Oxford.

Falcriel and Falcrien are both students of the Hogwarts Wizarding School and of the University of Oxford. Falcriel is a gyrfalcon animagus who has a red fox daemon, and a Falcrien is a peregrine falcon animagus who has a weasel daemon.

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02:37pm 06/08/2003
mood: cheerful
Considering we're supposed to be bird animagi, perhaps we should reside in a tower in the Forbidden Forest? I don't know. And what of our daemons? Yours is a weasel...but does the red fox suit me?


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. . . and Falcrien swoops in   
05:20pm 05/08/2003
mood: enthralled
Greetings, all -- this is Falcrien, the other, greatly absent-minded half of Falcoryth house. Currently a great debate has commenced in our hallowed hall (er, do we dorm in a tower, or the dungeons, or in a glass-walled room in the lake?) concerning the most grave and serious matter of Falcriel and Falcrien's acquiring a mystical


Little progress has been made on the matter; our scribe, once freed from bonds of secrecy, shall reveal, in time, whether or not we have acquired such creatures. The daemon is a queer and complex animal, bonded to the human soul--meaning that to GET one shall be difficult, indeed.

More news in time . . .

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10:54am 30/07/2003
  Hullo, all! This is my first journal post in this duet livejournal. I am called Falcriel, the gyrfalcon animagus and cofounder of the Hogwarts Falcoryth House.

I am known in the fanfiction world as Airiviel. I write Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fanfiction, and am currently working on several fics.

Gyrfalcon animagus

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12:31pm 29/07/2003
mood: accomplished
Qui Habet Aures Audiendi Audiat.

He Who Has Ears, Let Him Understand How To Listen.

* * *

Falcoryth is the home of the falcon animagi, and it is also the new Hogwarts house founded by Falcriel,the gyrfalcon animagus, and Falcrien, the peregrine falcon animagus. Members of our house are clever, creative, cunning, daring, and intelligent. Although our house members are sly and sharp, they are fallible, and prone to mistakes like any other.

This is a livejournal duet. Our individual journals are listed on our friends page.

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